Soft Washing Augusta

Soft Washing Service Company in Augusta, Georgia

You are probably thinking, “What is soft washing?” well we have the answer for you. Soft washing is an exterior cleaning technique that utilizes low to no pressure to clean the exterior of your property. Soft washing is important because we can successfully clean the exterior of your home ensuring we will NEVER damage the property. Soft washing uses as much pressure as the water from your garden hose. We utilize non-hazardous and eco-friendly detergents that do majority of the cleaning. Then we just rinse down your home to remove the bacteria, algae, and mold from your siding.

Don’t hire a company without any experience in soft washing techniques to clean your Augusta property! They can and will damage your home. A normal pressure washer can run from 2500 to 4000 PSI. That is enough pressure to rip off your siding or shingles. You need a professional soft washing company to use soft washing techniques that ensure your property is safe and will not be damaged or harmed. Call AllBrite House Wash in Augusta, GA today for a free soft washing quote.

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